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Laptop Service Center Omar has earned the reputation of being one of the most popular laptop service centers in Chennai. Established in the year 2007, this company has seen tremendous growth and success in the past 6 years. It has positioned itself as one of the major laptop dealers in Chennai. Skilled staff, advanced technical knowhow and dedicated services have been the key behind our success

Immaculate services for all brands and models of laptops, is our specialty, and our service turnover is more than 3000 laptops in a month. Our service expertise lies in laptop motherboard chip level services, broken laptop reworking and laptop service training, etc. We offer the best laptop service training in Chennai for enthusiasts who plan to make a career in laptop service industry.

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Motherboard is one of the critical elements of a laptop, which needs the hands of experts in case of repair. Ram Infotech is one the best laptop service centre
BGA Rework service is offered by very few service providers in India, and Ram Infotech has the required skill and expertise to provide the best BGA reworking solutions
Broken laptops can be a hassle, when our daily work needs them to be up and running in record time. Ram Infotech offers broken laptop service to any kind of
Data recovery engineers treat mechanical damage, water accumulation, electronic issues, and file corruption using specialized technology to provide the best possible recovery.
We offers all Kinds of computer peripherals chip level services. We are one of the leading motherboard chip level service centre in chennai. We are service
We have 24/7/365 emergency services for critical data loss scenarios.Contact our customer support team at +91 9876543210 (Round the clock) for instance answers

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What People Say

From the first phone contact, to the last conversation, this group of professionals understands the concerns about lost data. They have solutions that keep you in the loop. My guess is that they've been in your shoes before and know what the emotional issues are. Keep up the good work.

Ashwini ray

Excellent service.I would recommend everyone to go to this service center.I left my laptop aside for 1 year and lost all hopes.But this service center made it possible and my laptop is working superbly.


I gave service first time for my sony vaio laptop and I was very happy with the service and I have referred my brothers acer laptop also here and its very good...THE BEST SERVICE IN CHENNAI

Santhosh Reddy

raminfotech is best service center .thanks for the service .my laptop is good condition

surya devi

raminfotech is very nice and best service center in chennai

yashika meena

Gave my Sony vaio for service to ram info tech omr and service was very good. It was delivered promptly as per the estimated time. Thank you for the professional service.

Varun Gnana selvan

they serviced well, i liked their service.

arun kumar

raminfotech is best service center .thanks for the service .my laptop is good condition

surya devi

I Gave my Sony vaio laptop for display and inches purpose .. I service was good .. Specially inches was fixed properly now it look like early..

Tan May

என்னோட laptop repair mode ல போயிடுச்சி Boot ஒழுங்கா ஆகல. இங்க கொடுத்தேன். சரி செஞ்சி குடுத்துட்டாங்க. Service Charge also reasonable. Serial No. Battery No. note பண்ணி receipt தருகிறார்கள் laptop service எடுப்பதற்கு முன்னாடி. நல்ல சேவை வாழ்த்துக்கள்

Lakshmipriyan Ranganathan

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